Thursday, 26 July 2012


A superb little video to start the day with, Cut Chemist - The Garden Live with the Seattle Symphony. Good to see what people can do when they all decide to play nice together! 

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fat Chicks Welcome

 After what ended up being another kidney explodingly  enormous weekend at Tramlines (big ups to Woody, Irk &  thoroughly well sound dude - Roy Moneyshot, whom I got the chance to chat to after the gig) I've finally managed to remove my head from my hoop and get back on it... I mean back on here...    Yes, time for another slice of Skratch Bastid with his latest mix which is a strictly 100% female thang. This  mixtape has got Summer chill written all over it, just what you want on a glorious Tuesday morn...From The Gaff:

Where does 2 years of 2 dj's lives go when they're not playing shows, being here, there & everywhere? Ladies & gentlemen, let us present you: SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP! The long awaited mix that you've heard us hinting at, emerges July 17th, summer of 2012. This Concept Mix continues the evolution of the DJ for the 21st century, bringing you part DJ MIx, the tracks, & part Dj album, what's BETWEEN the tracks
The Voices and Messages from The Soul Sisters of the 60's & 70's, during radical times in humanity's development, covered such issues as: Women's Emancipation, the Age Of Aquarius, Husbands & Lovers & Fathers sent to War, burgeoning record labels, African American Equality, the american dream; you name it, these chick's dealt with it. Nina, Marlena, Marva, Freda, Aretha, Patti, Lyn, and on and on, they are all an integral part of our musical history and culture, and have shaped the lives of millions and millions of not only our preceding generation, but also ours through legendary status, immortal songs, and the sampling of hip hop culture.
As Bastid says; "this is probably the mixtape that i've worked the hardest on, ever. Gaff and I spent countless hours figuring out just how to give you the goods, and here it is"
 Yes. I can verify this. there are segments that you hear that last but a few seconds, but took literally hours and sometimes multiple days just getting that one blend right. Countless versions and tests, Countless songs we LOVE but couldn't include for the almighty flow and sequencing to bring you not just another DJ mix, but also a work of Art, using all our skills and love of the craft to our fullest.
I couldn't be more proud of the final product of this mix and working with The Bastid for 2 years with it has created a mix that is extremely rewarding for all of us 
ENJOY IT, and love it!

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gin & Win

Am in all sorts of wonderful places about seeing Moneyshot, Irk & Woody this evening at the Plug. Here is what I listen to when I shit myself with excitement...

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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Cut Chemist releases The Litmus Test mixtape to Soundcloud inviting you to play 'guess that tune' with a half hour mix of everything he released over a 10 year period. He says:

 "A mix of everything you thought you heard" There is a piece from every release I ever put out from 1992 to 2002 in this mix. There are pieces from a UCLA art student cd release, an underground rap compilation cassette, J5, Ozomatli, mix cds with Shadow, remixes, etc...its all in there. I encourage folks to identify every piece. Its never been done.
via RA
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Friday, 13 July 2012

One itchy mother fubber

A little Hip-Hop to get the day going, Skratch Bastid always manages to get the job done. His latest mix is 54ish minutes of Raps finest spanning from 89-93. And if you like the idea of loads of free mash-ups too download and rock out, check his Souncloud for tons of material. Pure class, as always...

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A big fat spinny

Once again Spinforth has compiled a killer list of downloadable treats for us to use. Part of UK DJ ensemble Hongkongpingpong, Spinforth's been scouring the Internet for an impressive 64 outings, ensuring DJ's up and down the country have a fresh arsenal of Wu-Bangers to compliment their sets. And a particularly massive (and downloadable, hereScour this week consisting of 32 offerings, worthy of a few electrons on your hard drives. So get them downloaded, and if you haven't already done so, check out his back catalogue of Scour-ness... You'll not be disappointed. Finally, get yourself over to his Facebook page and get liking so you'll never miss out on another Scour.
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On the rob...

Great mixtape from The Kleptones to start your day with. Funked up beats looped together with some true party bangers makes for a killer set - this is not to be missed!

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No shirking, now

Tramlines next week looks like it's going to be a big one. Free festival around Sheffield where many of the city's establishments open up their doors to put on a whole host of free parties with a who's who of talent performing. For me Thirsty Ear's offering in Plug on the Saturday night looks particularly boss, with DJ Woody performing his Turntables in Technicolor set (to which there is a taste of this, HERE) alongside the ever eclectic DJ Moneyshot and the hardest working man in no business, DJ Irk. And so ahead of this colossal meeting of the Titans, DJ Irk has knocked together Vol. 10 of the Irked collection. Enjoy...

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This ain't no Wiff Waff

Honk Kong Ping Pong are back again with another instalment. Here's what they said...

Well it’s about frikkin’ time, Mixtape #8 is here, bigger, better, bangier then ever before! BIG shouts to all the artists who feature, with out you none of this would be possible, extra big shouts to Ghetto Funk for being awesome and to all you lot out there who get what we do, your sweaty happy faces make it all worth while! You’re crazy, I like you, but you’re crazy! xx
01: Intro
02: The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama – Deep River (JPOD remix)
03: Beastie Boys – Ugly Lovely (Slow and Low Remix!)
04: Mr Dero – Ten Feet Tall (Jstar Instrumental Version)
05: Skeewiff – Dont Rock The Boat
06: Gmf Aka Grand Mother’S Funck Feat Akil The Mc – Do (Mr. Confuse Remix)
07: Jinx In Dub – Traffic Jammin’
08: Nynfus Corperation – Yetti
09: C2C – The Beat (Original Mix)
10: PRofit – Push Back (Nick Thayer Remix)
11: Dj Maars – Loose Juice
12: Stickybuds vs Mista Savona – Clean Air Feat Burro Banton (Dub Mix)
13: La Princesa De La Cumbia (Fort Knox Five Remix)
14: WBBL – Talkin Bout My Baby
15: Hong Kong Ping Pong – Wheres Me Washboard
16: JFB – Social Know-How
17: Slynk – Boomin
18: Ray Charles – This Little Girl Of Mine (Hong Kong Ping Pong Remix)
19: WBBL – Danger Machine
20: Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)
21: Nick Thayer – Like Boom feat Wizard Sleeve, NFA & Kaba Jones (Original Mix)
22: Etta James – Something’s Got a Hold On Me (Golden Toast Remix)
23: Drumattic Twins – Meeting Point (Herbgrinder Remix)
24: Hong Kong Ping Pong – Big Black Boots
25: Defkline & Red Polo Vs Dancefloor – Wonderfull World
26: Wood N Soo – Attack Jam
27: Freestylers feat Alaska – Bounce To This (Pimpsoul Remix)
28: Freestylers feat Alaska – Bounce To This (Original Mix)
29: Smalltown DJs feat Trigga Nom – Loving The Vibe (Deekline Remix)
30: Funk You Very Much – Minnie The Smoocher
31: Basement Freaks – Get Out Of my Head (Basement Freaks Mush Up)
32: Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve – Must B The Music (Zed Bias Old School Dub)
33: Fog – Aftershock
34: Aries – Herbsmoke (GOLD Remix)
35: Rusko – Whistle Crew
36: Nick Thayer – Facepalm (Dodge & Fuski Remix)
37: Mooqee & Pimpsoul ft Bianca Gerald – Feeling Good (Tantrum Desire Mix)
38: Aries, Gold, Bevan & Andy Sim – Sun Is Shining
39: The Wildlife Collective aka Ed Solo, DJ Deekline & Simon M – No No No (You Don”t Love Me)
40: Slynk – Bad Duppy Walk
41: Skeewiff – Crazy, crazy

Source : Ghetto Funk
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Thursday, 5 July 2012

They will make your eyes water...

Tasty mixtape from The Allergies to act stoopid to. DJ Moneyshot & Rackabeat have put together the mix Magnificent Speeds Vol 1. Here's what they said...

To put our sound in a bit of a context, here's a nifty little half hour mix of things we dig, and beats that move our feet. Plus, treats from our Soundcloud page. Hope you enjoy.

The Allergies - Magnificent Speeds Vol 1
R. Crumb dialogue - Crumb
Southside Movement - I've Been Watching You (part 2)
The Roots - Get Busy (acapella)
Beathoven - The Funky Devastate pt 1
Jaylib - Raw Shit (instrumental)
Nas - Made You Look (acapella)
The Slew - It's All Over
Gramatik - Take It Back
Boca 45 - Divine
Bonobo - Flutter
Jurassic 5 - W.O.E Is Me (acapella)
The Allergies - Just A Ride
K-Os - Man I Used To Be
Aspects - Bristol Fingers
Chubby Digits - De-Composed
Ghost - It's All Love
Voldmars - Mongorian Drummer
Roxanne Shante - Big Momma (acapella)
Swollen Members - Fuel Injected
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y (The Allergies Revisit)

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Strawberry Surprise

Amazing what this Great British Summer is doing to the garden. A couple of days ago it was looking like a sad year in strawberry town then went out today and BANG! Nature's candy a-pleanty!
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Nice little Drum and Bass mix from Dub Pistol's DJ Barry Ashworth to get you on your way this morning. Their new album Worshipping the Dollar is doing good things for me at the moment, too. A sweet selection of Bass heavy Ska, D&B and Hip-Hop rollers with guest vocalists galore, defiantly one to be checked out. Pin It

Monday, 2 July 2012

Phat Controller

Off to a demonstration of this device in a couple of weeks, amazing to see how quickly this technology is evolving and integrating into traditional DJing techniques. Moldover shows us where he's at. Pin It

What is Homefriends?

A little mix that has kept me amused for a few days now, pop-tastic smile inducer Homefriends by Ross One & Harley Viera-Newton. Skilful blends of tunes I don't usually find myself listening to, but enjoy none the less This is what I'd want Radio 1 to be all the time. Guest starring Alexa Chung, Sean Kinney, Josephine de la Baume, Rio Viera-Newton, Stauds, and Derek Blasberg

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Surfs up!

A random image captured from the mosh pit at Ghostfest at the weekend. By far my scariest photo job I've taken. Foolishly didn't take into account the dress code of these kind of things, I stuck out like a sore thumb as I headed into the carnage with my uninsured camera around my neck and pastel linen shirt my back. 
Thankfully managed to get enough pictures of the bands without becoming the subject of an uninvited crowd surf. 

*Link to the complete album :

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