So here you can find a few mixes that I have put together over the years... 

Here is a little mix I made ahead of seeing The Pharcyde in Feb 2013. Always been a fan of their stuff and the many remixes and edits that followed. 

A slice of the 70's with something I made after the passing of Disco's Donna Summer & local hero Robin Gibb. Only after making it did I think using The Bee-Gee's Stayin' Alive was not the most appropriate of choices but there you go. It's done. 


Ghetto Funk has been getting a massive hammering in my sets over the last year or so, and so it was bound to crop up in a few tapes. Here is one I originally made for a competition. Sadly I didn't win, but had a jolly good time making it and who needs winning, eh?

My man Andy Peek asked me to come over to Manchester and play at his Go Dumb! night, which I was happy to get involved in. Here is a sampler of the set.

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