Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hop-Tu-Naa - A tale of Two Cities

Here's a project I've been playing around with for a while with fellow Manxman Hugo from art duo id-iom. Together we've been making tapes since the beginning of time but since I moved up North we had to come up with a way of making a new mix. The answer lay in Dropbox - I simply laid down some ground rules (2 X 15min mixes each, Halloweenie theme tunes, chuck a few spooky movie quotes in for good measure) and this is what came of it. 
Now this method has it's pitfalls; levels all over the chippy, repetition of tunes & trying to kick Hugo's ass into gear and send me his final edit before Halloween... but I'm glad to say I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out. In fact, I like making a tape this way so much we're already working on the next one.

Until then...

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

DJ COOLHANDLUKE - bangin in the boomboxery Vol. 2

Roller Disco five-o

Back once again with another slice of crispy funk, CoolHandLuke hits us up with this groovy little number. Bangin in my boomboxery Vol. 2 continues the trend of the first mixtape (get it HERE) in serving up full-fat funk breaks over the course of an hour to feed the boogie within. Just what I was looking for on this grey, misty Tuesday morn in Steel City. You'll want to peep this immediately.

Recorded @ the Boomboxery-"LIVE MIX" 2 decks & mixer-Funk /Hip Hop/Soul FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Burger me

They're just ace. So the idea of a Green Burger Mixtape sounds pretty tempting, eh? DJ Green Giant from Switzerland is up this week for the Friday Mix. A truly eclectic little number with everything from Cypress Hill to Roy Ayres via Booker T and Erykah Badu. With one theme running throughout - Green. So why the burger?, you ask...
Well they've been on my mind a lot recently. So much so that I've decided to go and 'research' a little known joint hidden away in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Am really looking forward to checking this place out, apparently the place to be for Big American Burgers done proper.  So expect some drool inducing photos up here later. Until then I'll leave you with this double whopper!

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Something to shout about

Rather you than me

The second instalment in today's mix selector is a first for the blog but a worthy addition none the less. Skream steps up with a retrospective of party for you to shake your collective things too. The man shows off his soft spot for all things funky in an hour of pure groove. Friday has landed, Enjoy.


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The sound of money

A Moneyshot

Been a while since I last posted so thought I'd hit you up with a Brucy Bonus double mix this week as a way of making amends. First up, blog favourite and Master of the art of dusty create digging - DJ Moneyshot. A classic mix from Solid Steel, it's his Deep Covers mixtape - a collection of covers, edits & parodies from a whole host of different artists as only Moneyshot would do, it's a fresh take on some classics and a sweet concept. Check it out...

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