Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fat Chicks Welcome

 After what ended up being another kidney explodingly  enormous weekend at Tramlines (big ups to Woody, Irk &  thoroughly well sound dude - Roy Moneyshot, whom I got the chance to chat to after the gig) I've finally managed to remove my head from my hoop and get back on it... I mean back on here...    Yes, time for another slice of Skratch Bastid with his latest mix which is a strictly 100% female thang. This  mixtape has got Summer chill written all over it, just what you want on a glorious Tuesday morn...From The Gaff:

Where does 2 years of 2 dj's lives go when they're not playing shows, being here, there & everywhere? Ladies & gentlemen, let us present you: SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP! The long awaited mix that you've heard us hinting at, emerges July 17th, summer of 2012. This Concept Mix continues the evolution of the DJ for the 21st century, bringing you part DJ MIx, the tracks, & part Dj album, what's BETWEEN the tracks
The Voices and Messages from The Soul Sisters of the 60's & 70's, during radical times in humanity's development, covered such issues as: Women's Emancipation, the Age Of Aquarius, Husbands & Lovers & Fathers sent to War, burgeoning record labels, African American Equality, the american dream; you name it, these chick's dealt with it. Nina, Marlena, Marva, Freda, Aretha, Patti, Lyn, and on and on, they are all an integral part of our musical history and culture, and have shaped the lives of millions and millions of not only our preceding generation, but also ours through legendary status, immortal songs, and the sampling of hip hop culture.
As Bastid says; "this is probably the mixtape that i've worked the hardest on, ever. Gaff and I spent countless hours figuring out just how to give you the goods, and here it is"
 Yes. I can verify this. there are segments that you hear that last but a few seconds, but took literally hours and sometimes multiple days just getting that one blend right. Countless versions and tests, Countless songs we LOVE but couldn't include for the almighty flow and sequencing to bring you not just another DJ mix, but also a work of Art, using all our skills and love of the craft to our fullest.
I couldn't be more proud of the final product of this mix and working with The Bastid for 2 years with it has created a mix that is extremely rewarding for all of us 
ENJOY IT, and love it!

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