Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mark Rae (Rae & Christian) - Mercury Rising DJ Mix

How do, gentle folk... 

Back again for another instalment to the mix blog. It's been quite a while since a peep has been heard from me, as real life has been taking priority over the past few months. But good things have come out of this hiatus... Firstly the headliner news that I'm soon to become a dad! along with winning a few awards with the Twisted Burger Company, a few cheeky sets playing out alongside DJ Moneyshot and Dr Syntax and the start of my new monthly night 'My Kinda Scum' at Harrisons 1854 bar here in Sheffield. So you could forgive me for being a little shy...


On with the meat to this audio sandwich. 

Another duo that have been off radar for a while, Grand Central Records creators Rae & Christian are back with a new studio album. And I'm pleased to say it's doing good things down here in the lab. You can get a taste of it over HERE before you decide to splash out on the tasty limited 180g double vinyl set for crimble. Like I did. For the missus, like...

So alongside that stream of the forthcoming Rae & Christian album 'Mercury Rising', Here is a  DJ mix by Mark Rae featuring tracks from The Isley Brothers, The Bee Gees and Major Lazer. Enjoy...

01. The Kleptones/Major Lazer - Get Free Parking 
02. The Bee Gees - Love You Inside And Out [Gazeebo Edit] 
03. The Delegation - Oh Honey [Mercury Rising Edit] 
04. Ta Ku - Higher [Flume Remix] 
05. Cat Stevens - Was Dog A Doughnut [Pilooski Edit] 
06. 6th Borough Project - Mclovin 
07. Bobby Womack - The Things We Do (When Were Lonely) [Mercury Rising Edit] 
08. Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets [The Revenge Edit] 
09. Pieces Of A Dream - Mt Airy’s Groove [Mercury Rising Edit] 
10. Rae & Christian - A2B [Mercury Rising Edit] 
11. Rae & Christian - Bacalau 2013 
12. Bookashade - In White Rooms 
13. Rae & Christian - 1975 
14. Emeli Sande - Heaven [Rae & Christian Unreleased Remix]

Until next time, have an enormous one.



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